Why Study Business English?

We all want to succeed in the business world, but is taking Business English lessons more effective in achieving success than studying general English?

As a business-oriented person, it’s important to account for your costs and invest your resources wisely. What does Business English offer that makes it a worthwhile investment?


Business English is hyper-focused on the language and terminology that will help professionals communicate effectively in the business world. English is the largest language on the planet, with a vocabulary of over 1 million words. According to the Global Language Monitor, a new English word is created nearly every 90 minutes; that means that nearly 15 new words are added to the English language every day. In this jungle of slang, jargon, and colloquialisms, it’s vital to hyper-focus on achieving specific language goals to make the most of English lessons. Many English learners have found that the best way to keep current with new business expressions and developments—be it in marketing, banking, technology, et al.—is to study Business English.

With such an extensive language, English learners can easily spend months of lessons on topics unrelated to their careers. With an ever-growing vocabulary, they can lose their way in trendy language that is quickly dated or overly nuanced. By studying Business English, professionals are able to get a leg up in finding employment by practicing their interview skills with a native English speaker. They can position themselves as an asset to their companies by being the go-to person for communicating with foreign clients and partners. Best of all, they can wow their co-workers with their savvy Business English style.


It is vital to the student of Business English to practice, practice, practice. A good teacher should not only provide relevant materials and key phrases but, more importantly, should help English learners feel confident in their abilities through practicing what they’ve learned. Like exercising a muscle group, using English regularly is the key to accent reduction and fluency. Many self-taught students have honed their grammar skills by studying from textbooks but, without the reinforcement of real conversation, they may be uncomfortable when called upon to speak. Or worse, some students, in spite of all their hard work, are difficult to understand simply because their pronunciation has gone off course.

Scientific research has established that our thoughts create pathways in our brain. The more we think a thought or complete an action, the easier it will be for us to recreate that though or action the next time. This is excellent news for people learning English. The bad news is that the more often we use language incorrectly, the harder it is over time to fix the errors that we make. By automatically correcting errors in grammar and pronunciation, a good teacher will ensure strong patterns of language development in their students and get those neurons firing correctly.


When professionals tap into the world of Business English, it is undeniable that certain opportunities open up to them that otherwise would not have been possible. For example, the majority of Internet web pages are in English. Having the ability to access more than a billion English-language resources on the Internet provides English speakers with an advantage over the competition. For those who care about the economy and market trends, English language newspapers can be purchased anywhere in the world. If it is important to an individual’s career to be current in science and technology, they will have greater access to scientific texts, 95% of which are written in English, according to the Institute for Scientific Information.

Many people have already identified English as the international language for business. The British Council has found that 1.5 billion people in the world speak English and another 1 billion are studying it now. Increasingly people find that, when participating in international conferences and business transactions, or when looking for new employment, especially in another country, or when reaching out to new clients, focusing on learning Business English is a real asset in achieving their goals.



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