EFBC has been online teaching Business English since 2007. At that time teaching (and learning) languages on the internet was a new idea with a lot of unexplored potential. We quickly discovered that effective online teaching went far beyond the normal confines of a classroom and text books.

Through the internet our teachers were able to take teaching Business English to new levels and interact with students in a much more “real” way than the traditional classroom structures provided.  Through Google Street View we could walk down the streets of Manhattan with students preparing for a trip to New York. We could quickly access relevant pictures or YouTube videos that could visually explain concepts, cultural expressions or even jokes. We could share documents in which the student could share their work related emails and edit them together.  A student could present their PowerPoint presentation to us (as many times as needed to feel confident) before having to present it to their company.

The internet is a powerful tool for interaction with our students, and through that interaction a philosophy for teaching was born – one where the teacher works with the specific needs and interests of the students and builds the class around the most important areas needed for their growth.

In order to give the best quality we hire the best Business English teachers we can find.  All of our teachers have completed a University Degree along with a certificate in Teaching English as a second language and Teaching Business English. Prior to working for us each teacher has completed a minimum of 3 years teaching experience. The teacher meets with the students via Skype or GoToMeeting, a professional video conferencing software.

We offer creative and flexible services through our online flexible classes, and as always, we want to meet with you for a Free Business English Demonstration before you ever sign up.  We hope to do (English) Business with you soon!