Young Man Studying Business English

Business English is important.  Using English in a work environment calls for a mastery of idioms, phrasal verbs and formal speech.  EFBC provides professional and flexible online training for individuals who wish to perfect their English and improve fluency in Business English.

All teachers within our school belong to the EFBC association and teach privately, setting their own rates and hours. They are highly professional and qualified to help you with your English objectives and offer a wide range of flexibility within their courses and methods of teaching. You can select the right teacher for you based on your needs. 

All our teachers offer a comfortable 48 hour no charge cancellation policy, incase that for any reason you are not able to attend a class. Additionally, many of our teachers offer free demonstrations to interested students. You can select the teacher that you feel is right for you and contact them directly to set up the arrangements of your classes.

Meet Our Teachers who Specialise in Business English!

Founder of English For Business Communication, Business English Teacher
Business English Teacher with 7 years experience working online with business professionals from around the world.