Learn and Teach Medical English Through Role Play

Role play, when done correctly, is an excellent method for teaching English to people of various professions, specifically when the knowledge of the student in their field is beyond the knowledge of the teacher.  This happens in many cases, such as with lawyers, financial specialists, doctors, etc.  In the previous article I wrote on how to learn medical English I speak about some of the challenges that both the teacher and the student face. In this article, I will show, in as much detail as … [Read more...]

How To Learn Medical English

Learning Medical English can be a challenge for a lot of health practitioners.  In this series of articles I will take you through some of the methods and techniques which I have used to teacher Medical English to nurses, doctors, pharmacists, paramedics, receptionists, specialists and volunteers  from around the world.  Having taught Medical English over the last 5 years I have encountered a lot of the same concerns, both on part of the medical practitioner who is looking for classes and on … [Read more...]