How to Introduce Yourself to Your Boss


Introducing Yourself To Your Boss for the First Time


A question I am often asked as an English Teacher is “how do I introduce myself to my boss”? In many cases my students have bosses or supervisors who come from English speaking countries and they may have never met them before. Meeting the boss becomes and important moment to be able to connect with the head of the company and there is always the desire to give him/her a good impression.


Keep It Simple, Professional and Cool:


The first introduction you can prepare verbally to be as simple as possible. Why make it simple? If it´s your first time meeting the boss you want to make sure you are not trying to over-impress in your very first sentences, but you want them to remember you. A lot of your professional and non-verbal “cool” factors are going to help in this.  Secondly, you want to be able to flow with whatever the circumstance is around you, not awkwardly trying to fit in some fact about yourself that you want them to know. While you might be wishing to tell them all about your career plans and wishes in the company the first sentence they throw back to you could be “Hey, nice to meet you. I heard about you, are you the one who was a competitive swimmer in the past?” – it´s better to flow and make a connection with the boss on whatever topic you can than try to push your agenda.


  • Hello Mr……….. , it´s really a pleasure to meet you.  I´m Karen, from the Milan accounting team.
  • Mrs ………….., it´s really great to meet you after all this time. My name is Jorge, we haven´t formally met yet, so I just wanted to take a moment to introduce myself to you in person.
  • Hello Mr……….., Thanks for hiring me to your team. I really look forward to working together with you in the future.


Take the extra care to be sure that you are professional on this day. Dress according to the company culture. Be on time. Make sure that the way that you look and address your boss is professional.  Use Mr. or Mrs. if you know they are married. If the boss is a woman and you are not sure if she is married or not you can use Ms (pronounced “miss”).  Depending on the culture of your company they might say to you “Please don´t call me Mr. Black, just my first name John is ok”. After that moment call them by their first name – but only once they have told you to do that.


It is actually possible to practice being “cool” on the job. Cool, in a business context means that you are relaxed and confident in yourself and your abilities. There are a few tricks that you can use you increase your “cool” factor when meeting your boss for the first time.

  • Make sure you have the right pressure in your hand shake – floppy says you are unreliable, too hard says you might be the high strung, impulsive, maybe even overzealous type.   
  • Look her/him in the eyes when you shake hands and keep your hand shake firm – but – relax the rest of your body, let your posture simply settle in and be relaxed as you would if you were talking to a friend.
  • Do all you can in this meeting to stay open – that means not crossing your arms or putting something between the trunk of your body and your boss. A major non-verbal cue that people give about how open they are to others is how they position their trunk or centre. Keep it open and you´ll stay cool.


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