How to Introduce Business Presentations


How to Start a Business Presentation


A lot of my students speak English as a second or even third language. When it comes to making presentations I always suggest that they first consider their audience. If you are presenting to those who are considered “higher” than you in the work place (eg. your bosses, board of directors, etc.) you want to work with the most formal introductions. Keep in mind however, that the most formal English is not always the best in the work place. Being overly formal in situations that don´t require it can also make you seem disconnected an unapproachable. Part of having good Business English is knowing how to connect with whoever you are talking to, and being able to switch your language to the appropriate one in all situations.  If you are making a presentation with colleagues where the culture of the company is more relaxed, you may wish to start the presentation with one of the less formal introductions.  

Start with a Welcoming Sentence:

  • Good morning / Good afternoon / Good evening  ladies and gentlemen (this is the most formal).
  • Hello, I´d like to start by welcoming everyone here.
  • Thank you everyone for your attention today in this presentation. 
  • Good afternoon, on behalf of myself and Microsoft Computers, I would like to welcome you here today. 
  • Let´s get started on this presentation, first of all, I would like to welcome everyone here this afternoon (least formal of all).

Introduce Yourself:

(obviously only do this if it´s necessary, if everyone in the room knows you and your position you may want to skip this step):

  • My name is Mark Hans, I am responsible for the marketing department.
  • For those of you who don´t know me, I am Lisa Lorren, an intern student from the University of Belfast.
  • I am Chris Walker, I have just been hired as the new financial director here at HBNG.
  • I would like to take a moment to introduce myself for those who don´t know me. My name is Jake Hennings, and I work int he customer retention department.

Presentation Introduction:

  • I am here to talk with you today about our new strategy for acquiring customers in the Japanese market.
  • Today I would like to present our quarterly report to everyone.
  • Today I am going to talk about our strategies and goals for the upcoming year.
  • The purpose of this presentation is to demonstration effective call back techniques with potential customers.
  • What I would like to do today is speak about the difference between the inbound and outbound campaigns.


Tell the audience why your presentation will be useful for them:

  • This is a topic that most people will find interesting because ………
  • Today´s topic will be particularly interesting to those of us who …………
  • One of the benefits about this presentation is that by the end you should feel more confident in ……….
  • The information I will be covering is of particular importance because ………..
  • Those of us is the ……… department will find this very relative because ……


Provide an outline of what you will be speaking about:


  • I will start off by talking about ……….
  • I will begin by explaining……………


  • Then I will move on to………
  • Then I will start to explain…..


  • Finally, at the end I will talk about …..
  • In the end I will take time to answer any questions…..


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