Formally Introduce Yourself in Business Meetings


Introducing Yourself For the First Time

Introducing yourself for the first time in a business meetings or formal situations is important.  Many times the introduction is the first contact that you have with clients, bosses, partners or coworkers.  Doing it correctly gives a strong first impression.

Let´s imagine that you are in a meeting where you will be directly meeting another person (whether it is a boss, a coworker, partner or client).  You want to approach this person (or persons) and let them know who you are and possibly your position in your company, or who you work for.

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Intro Sentences:

  • I don´t believe we have met before, I´m …………..  (or: my name is………….)
  • I don´t think we have formally met yet, I´m…………… (or: my name is …………….)
  • I just wanted to introduce myself, I´m ………………..(or: my name is…………….)


Letting them know your position:

  • I am responsible for ………………  (Example: sales and marketing at Virgin Records, accounts and services for the Brazilian offices)
  • I am in charge of ………………………..   (Example: research and development, environmental control)
  • I am ……….. (position) …………….. (A doctor at the Mainland Hospital)


Together these create sentences such as:

  • Hello, I don´t believe we have met before, I´m Jake Manning. I´m responsible for quality control at Timmins Bakery.
  • Good afternoon. I just wanted to introduce myself, I´m Lorena Tibbs. I´m in charge of overseeing the new developments on the Westside Site.
  • Hello, I don´t think we have formally met yet, my name is Karen Armstrong. I´m a research student here in the Bio Lab.


After meeting someone else you can say:

  • It´s very nice to meet you.
  • It´s a pleasure to meet you.
  • Pleased to meet you.
  • Pleasure to meet you.
  • I´m pleased to (finally) meet you.


Returning the compliment:

  • Likewise.
  • And you.


Saying Goodbye:

  • Goodbye, it´s a pleasure to have met you.
  • It was very nice to meet you, I hope we meet again soon.
  • Goodbye, it´s nice to have met you.
  • It was a pleasure finally meeting you.


Amanda Wolf

Amanda Wolf

Amanda has been teaching Business English Online since 2009.


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