Free TOEIC Vocabulary In Action Book – Chapter 1 Part 1


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Chapter 1 – “Y2K” 

How to use this book:  

TOEIC Vocabulary In Action is made up for 40 Chapters (called dialogues) that have 3 pages each. This is Part 1 of Dialogue 1. On this page you are introduced to 13 vocabulary words which you will very likely find on your TOEIC exam.  These vocabulary words are then all used together in one dialogue. Read the dialogue and practice with it to become familiar with all the vocabulary words, you will need them for your TOEIC exam!

Vocabulary Words from this chapter:

1.a range of    2.available    3.electronic money    5.feature    6.increase    8.most likely    9.move into    10.processors    11.take care of    12.take place    13.upgrade    

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