Do You Have an Upcoming Job Interview in English?


At EFBC we specialize in coaching our students to succeed in the business world.  If you need help to prepare for your interview we can help you! The teachers shown below are able to meet with you online, from anywhere in the world, in individual Skype classes.


Specialized English Job Interview Classes Can Include:

Editing your CV or Resume and Cover Letter with you:

We will work together with you to read over your resume and edit it as needed to be sure there are no written errors.  We will also discuss with you the different points of your past experience and make recommendations for how you can best present your skills and knowledge to potential employers.

Discussing specific vocabulary, expressions and phrasal verbs related to your field:

Every job has it´s specific vocabulary.  Whether you are a medical doctor, accountant or aspiring actor we can help you to work with the vocabulary of your field, to create the phrases you need to best represent your skills on the market place.

Mock interviews where your teacher will ask you questions and help perfect your answers:

By preforming practice interviews you can be best prepared for a variety of different questions and situations you might encounter in your job interview.  Mock interviews are the best way to feel relaxed and prepared for the interview day.

Advice on how to manage small talk that is often made with the interviewer prior to the formal portion:

It is not uncommon for interviews to start with small talk.  The interviewer is getting to know you and is a great opportunity to create a connection and rapport with them.  What should you say in moments of small talk with your potential new employer? We´ll help you warm up for this important moment!


Meet Our Teachers who Specialize in Job Interview Preparation!

Founder of English For Business Communication, Business English Teacher
Business English Teacher with 7 years experience working online with business professionals from around the world.